Avida CBD Review

Avida CBD Review

when you have been searching on the market for a few quality that is good vape juice, you may possibly wish to have a look at Avida CBD.

After reviewing their CBD I began to fall in deep love with their CBD vape tastes. In this review, I will explain why i really like Avida CBD E-liquids and provide an analysis that is in-depth of flavors i’ve tried and other things you need to find out before buying.

Avida CBD infographic

Let’s focus on some ongoing business information.

Avida CBD Business Info

Avida CBD is just business that creates CBD products that are “safe, effective, third-party lab tested, quality assured and style actually good”-Avida.

Avida 3rd party lab test 2

They normally use soil that is cleared of hefty metals and contaminants and test each harvest for pesticides, mildew and mold.

Then your harvest undergoes winterization and just what the“Avida is called by them Core” extraction process to remove THC and keep behind good quality pharmaceutical grade CBD in the act. The CO2 is used by them extraction method in most of the services and products. The CO2 extraction technique is a method that is great usage since it preserves all of the plant and does leave behind any n’t harmful solvents in the act.

Avida CBD:

Uses Organic CBD

Has free delivery on sales over $75

Features a 60 money back guarantee day

Uses Hemp grown in Colorado United States Of America

The one thing i love is the fact that Avida is truly clear about their products or services on their site plus they have a reward system. You earn 1 point for every buck you spend and earn $5 bucks for each 100 points.

Let’s see what products they should provide to buy.

Avida CBD Items

Avida CBD Products

Avida offers three kinds of CBD services and products:

CBD Vape Juice

Comes in 4 great flavors:

Manga Mango, Berry Grape, Blue Razz, Flavorless additive

3 milligram talents available:

250mg, 500mg, 1000mg


It’s a broad range cbd oil in three milligram talents:

250mg, 500mg, 1000mg

CBD Isolate

Merely a CBD oil that is isolate 3 skills:

250mg, 500mg, 1000mg

My Avida CBD Review and Research

We will be reviewing all of the products i’ve tried from Avida. Those products are all 4 tastes associated with the CBD vape juice (i really believe this really is their most well known item). I will record the thing I felt about each flavor first and then offer my analysis that is overall on impacts.

Avida Vape Juice (500 mg)

Price: $54.99

Ingredients: 100% Normal CBD Isolate, Food Grade Vegetable Glycerin, Food Level Propylene Glycol, Natural & Synthetic Flavorings

Manga Mango Flavor

manga_mango avida cbd

The mango flavor just isn’t exactly a powerful taste. It’s pretty sweet though and contains that good mango taste to it. There aren’t any undertones that are bitter current and it is a small sugary. It absolutely was my minimum favorite of this flavors, but that doesn’t suggest it had been bad, it really was quite good, we simply liked it the smallest amount of.

Berry Grape Taste

berry grape Avida CBD

It was undoubtedly my personal favorite taste. It had a tremendously nice sweet grape style. I favor grape things that are flavored. There is certainly a hint that is small of other fruits in the vape juice, but the purple grape tastes prevalent. The taste is pretty addictive and quite amazing! Before long of vaping it, it did get just a little harsh from the neck though. I became vaping it for extended than typical though since this had been such a great taste.

Flavorless cbd Additive

flavorless cbd vape Avida CBD

The flavorless additive is great to possess when you yourself have your own personal vape juices and would like to make use of your very own tastes. We included some to my s’mores flavored vape juice and it mixed well and had been smooth.

Blue Razz Flavor

blue razz Avida CBD

The blue razz taste has a cool raspberry taste that is nice. absolutely Nothing overwhelming. It absolutely was extremely sweet and mellow, just like blueberry pancake syrup and raspberry jolly ranchers. It really is a combination that is excellent and when you might be A berry lover, you shall definitely love this taste!

Avida CBD Vape Juice Effects

The results came on pretty instantly. In about 20 minutes after vaping, it really solved a headache that is lingering had that time.

This is definitely a soothing vape oil. There clearly was a sudden calm that is serene that came over me personally, which also numbed my anxiety and produced a really moderate euphoria. It is absolutely really anxiety reducing.

It calmed me down every time We ended up being anxious. Plus, these oils stimulate appetite and reduced nausea somewhat.

The next test was my chronic insomnia. After making use of the vape juice later at evening it had some good results. The sleep ended up being pleasant with a few great fantasies produced. It appeared like it tackled my insomnia as well.

Avida CBD Vape Juice Analysis









Headache management


Perfect For:







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Avida CBD Review Conclusion

That which we can takeaway with this review is, if you should be interested in a fresh CBD vape item, i might positively suggest Avida CBD. They are doing everythingright that a CBD company should do, from the real method they source their hemp, to utilizing the CO2 extraction method, to being lab that is third-Party, etc.

I really liked the berry grape taste and believed that was my personal favorite one. Their natural natural oils had been really effective and worked pretty straight away plus the cost is pretty decent also. Certainly always check them away.

Avida CBD gets mine and Honest CBD Man’s stamps.